Phones Range

We have a massive range of phones systems with over 300 products we have become the number 1 supplier in the AU market. Whether your phone provider is Telstra, Vodaphone, TPG, Optus we have products that will suit your every need.

In choosing the right telephone product for your needs you must take into account a few considerations;

Do you intend on leasing?

Do you intend on purchasing?

What is your budget?

Is their a brand you would prefer Commander, Telstra, Optus, TPG

Do you know what your looking for in a set-up?

How much will I need to spend on a phone?

The cost will usually average at around $300-$500 per headset per year, the pricing will depend on if you are looking to be as cost-effective as possible or you would prefer a more high-quality fleet or headset. If you have ever wanted to upgrade but are on a budget we do monthly specials and are more than happy to look at your costs and see if SPL can buy out your telephone contract.

Do I need to swop carriers?

No at SPL we are able to work hand in hand with any provider in the Australian market and also some carriers overseas. We are the third largest phone carrier in Sydney at the moment.

Our business has exploded by providing nothing but the most high-quality service available in the phone market, we are proud to be the fastest growing telephony company in 2017.

Can you buy out our plans?

Yes, absolutely we can buy out your current plan and provide brand new equipment in the process. When a contract or lease is close to 1 year from the end is usually an ideal time to get a free onsite analysis for a new set up. We aim to provide faster, cheaper more reliable products to your company. Our phones are high quality tried and tested and all with a full warranty and guarantee.

If you have been sitting on making a decision for some time we are more than happy to give a free 10-minute phone consultation to help you the client make an informed decision on what you should be purchasing. Call SPL for a free onsite evaluation.